Behind the Scenes Summer Series

Check out what is happening behind the scenes at your favorite entertainment venue! We are going backstage throughout the summer to show YOU how we make your entertainment experience spectacular!  


Behind the Scenes with our Ushers

Meet Rick

Title: Usher


Rick is a retired Navy Vet. He is an usher at the DeVos Performance Hall. His favorite event he has ever worked at was Moody Blues.

Q. Favorite animal?

A. Rick’s favorite animal is a horse, and explained that his wife is a horse whisperer.

Q. Favorite ice cream flavor?

A. Vanilla is his favorite flavor of ice cream because it is so versatile.

Q. Favorite Disney Character?

A. Baloo from the Jungle Book.

Q. Favorite Season?

A. Summer – and if he had to choose he’d rather go to the beach than the pool!

Q. Night Owl or Early Bird?

A. Rick is a night owl

Q. Hot Dog OR Hamburger

A. Rick hasn’t had a hot dog since he was 12 and would take a hamburger over a hotdog any day.

Q. Coffee or Tea?

A. When having to pick between coffee and tea, coffee always wins.


If you see Rick at one of our events, say hi!

Thank you to all of our amazing ushers and everything you do!